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Due to the location of a palm tree it is difficult to turn left out of Bramley Lane onto Barrenjoey Rd with safety as it is extremely difficult to see any oncoming cars travelling south along Barrenjoey Road. This matter is to be checked by members before taking to council. Please comment below if you have a view whether we should take this further, as to ask for the pine to be removed is to destroy a good mature pine which adds to the streetscape. This matter is a ‘trade-off’ between additional safety and streetscape benefits.

At the NRA meeting on the 19th August the meeting felt that they would prefer not to request the pines be removed but that we request council to install a sensor at the intersection that trigger the pedestrian lights on Barrenjoey Road which in turn would allow a safe turn left from Bramley Lane.

September 2015 Update

We have received a letter from Roads & Maritime Services responding to NRA letter re intersection of Bramley Ave & Barrenjoey Roads. RMS do not support any changes to light sequence to assist the safe turning into Barrenjoey Rd.