Draft Pittwater Public Space and Recreation Strategy 2014

Council have released the above draft with submissions to be received by 23rd June 2014.

The Strategy provides the direction necessary to continue to maintain and develop a range of quality public space, sport and recreation facilities and activities across the Pittwater LGA for at least the next 10 years.

This is an important document and well worth reading from the council website www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/publicspace as it raises questions at to whether we should reduce the number of small playgrounds, questions the benefit of so many golf clubs versus the sports field needs etc.

General Recommendations of the Strategy;

  • Upgrade and expand, where feasible, the public space network for the benefit of the broader community.
  • Promote programs that support social interaction, access for all and are sustainable in economic and environmental terms. Proved well designed, safe open spaces that protect and enhance the natural environment, identify cultural heritage and consider aesthetics, sustainability and ‘sense of place’.
  • Improve equity in the distribution of public space and recreational opportunities.
  • Provide multi-use spaces that promote intergenerational use including additional opportunities for an ageing population and for children and young people.