Northern Beaches Local Housing Strategy endorsed (Final document)


Key amendments to the draft LHS following exhibition include:

 Including the potential for a maximum of 1000 dwellings in the Ingleside growth area in a
revised dwelling capacity analysis, resulting in a change from a 1,244 dwelling deficit to 275
dwelling deficit to 2036.
 Reducing the size of the centre investigation areas from a one-kilometre radius to an 800-
metre radius to better reflect walkable catchments.
 As a result, revising projected housing yields for the 5 centre investigation areas as follows:
o Brookvale = was 840-1,240 dwellings and remains unchanged.
o Dee Why = was 360-870 dwellings now 260-570 dwellings.
o Mona Vale = was 240-520 dwellings and now 180-400 dwellings.
o Manly Vale = was 240-440 dwellings and remains unchanged.
o Narrabeen = was 50-320 dwellings and now 30-280 dwellings.
The Northern Beaches LHS will be a living document. An ongoing program of monitoring
housing supply will inform the work that is subsequently undertaken in the centre
investigation areas identified above.
 Reducing the size of proposed housing diversity areas (dual occupancy, boarding houses
and seniors housing) around local centres from a one-kilometre radius to a 400 metre radius
to better reflect walkable catchments.
 Removing Terrey Hills from proposed housing diversity areas based on bushfire concerns.

NBC Original Position

A Local Housing Strategy (Strategy) is required for the period 2016-
2036 as part of the Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC) Regional
Plan for Sydney, the North District Plan and Council’s LSPS
 The Strategy must:

  • meet a 5-year housing target of 3,400 dwellings (2016 – 2021)
  • develop a 6-10 year housing supply target
  • identify Council’s contribution to the North District 20-year
    housing target ( 92,000 dwellings)
  • inform affordable housing targets
     Since mid-2016, 2,835 dwelling completions have occurred on the
    Northern Beaches

Key Findings
• The need to plan for a population increase of around
23,000 people, requiring around 12,000 new homes
• NBC have existing capacity (land already zoned) to
provide around 10,750 dwellings, including the Frenchs
Forest Planned Precinct
• The difference between existing capacity and projected
demand is small – approximately 1,250 dwellings


The NRA has lodged its own submission (read here).

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