October 2017 Update

We received the following from NBC on the 12 October 2017;

Thank you for your participation in the community engagement for Councils Unleashed Dog Exercise Areas Review undertaken in May and June 2017. This email presents the decisions made about Unleashed Dog Exercise Areas at the Council meetings held 8 August and 26 September 2017.

At the Council meeting on 8 August 2017, Council resolved the following – that:

Avalon Beach Reserve (north western section) is declared as an unleashed dog exercise area on a trial  basis for 6 months and that a review of the trial be the subject of a future report to Council. Temporary fencing, signage and other requirements are to be installed and key stakeholders and nearby residents appropriately notified before implementation.

B. Lagoon Reserve is retained as an unleashed dog exercise area and

a)Restrictions apply, in the area from the western side of the playground to the eastern most part of the reserve, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays as follows:

  • Friday 9pm to Sunday 9pm (on leash)

–        Night before public holiday from 9pm to 9pm on the last day of the public holiday/ holidays (on leash)

b)  The timed restrictions are to be implemented following installation of signs and other required infrastructure and appropriate notification of key stakeholders and nearby residents.

c)   A facility plan will be developed and implemented in response to operational issues raised during this community engagement including for signage. This plan is to be developed with key stakeholders and nearby residents.

d)   An audit and analysis of the use of Lagoon Reserve is undertaken in 2017/18 and the findings to be considered for relevant policies and the facility plan.

e)   Council’s education and advice initiatives which support responsible dog ownership have a focus on Lagoon Reserve in 2017/18.

C. The Warriewood Valley Detention Basin, Munnumba Reserve and South Creek Reserve are not supported as unleashed dog exercise areas.

D.  Community engagement is to be carried out with key stakeholders including the Manly Dogs and Pittwater Unleashed groups about upgrades to existing unleashed dog exercise areas and other initiatives to be undertaken in 2017/18.

View the Council Report (Item 7.4)  8 August 2017

View the resolution  8 August 2017

Then, at the meeting held 26 September 2017, Council rescinded part B (a) of the previous resolution and resolved that:

1. Council immediately reinstate the off-leash dog area at Manly Lagoon on weekends and public holidays.

2.  Staff undertake research on how a dog parks successfully operate elsewhere in Australia and overseas, with the view to preparing a report to Council, within 6 months, on what improvements can be made on the Northern Beaches in providing facilities for dogs and their families in consultation with key stakeholders including residents, the Manly Dogs and Pittwater Unleashed groups.

3. Staff organise a councillor briefing to be held to discuss the direction of the research detailed in point 2.

4.Staff provide a progress report to Council within 3 months

View the Council Report- 26 September 2017

View the Council Resolution – 26 September 2017

To find out more on the background to this project, please visit Your Say


March 2017 Update

A communication from the Northern Beaches Council  of the 30th March 2017 has included the following quote from the Administrator at a council meeting;

and commence public consultations with a view to declare four more ‘off leash’ dog exercise areas.”

Comments close 21 June 2017

  1. Warriewood Valley Detention Basin , Prosperity Parade Warriewood
  2. Avalon Beach Reserve Avalon , adjacent to Central Road. and west of the drainage


  1. Munnumba Reserve. Munnumba Avenue Belrose
  2. South Creek Reserve South Creek Road. Wheeler Heights
  3. Staff review the adequacy of Lagoon Park Queenscliff to function as a UDEA and engage

with the community with a view to possibly rescinding the declaration or introducing restricted

hours of usage as used in some other of council’s UDE


The Administrator had previously said that he would leave this matter to the new council!!!


November 2015 Update

To read the latest meeting report please click on the following link –November meeting


The group known as Pittwater Unleashed has made a proposal to Pittwater Council to allow unleashed dogs on one of the Pittwater beaches (including North Newport). Council at their meeting of 18th August 2014  resolved to have a report prepared and submitted to Council at the  meeting on the 17th  November 2014. The proposal to council can be viewed on the Council web site at http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/council/public_access_to_information/proactive_release_search (once at the site click on’ Recreation’ and then open the ‘Pittwater Unleashed’ PDF document).

Please have a look at the document and have your say below by submitting a comment. We will add this matter to our monthly Agenda to discuss its’ possible ramifications for Newport beach and its residents.

The proposed beaches requested to be considered for a trial are as follows;

  •  North Palm Beach
  • Whale Beach
  • North Whale Beach
  • Bilgola Beach
  • Newport Beach
  • Bungan Beach
  • Mona Vale Beach
  • Bongin Bongin Bay
  • Turrimetta Beach

(Interesting that Avalon Beach is missing!!)


This matter was brought up at the council meeting of the 18th November 2014  with the result there was no motion carried based on the staff report submitted therefore the current policy on not allowing unleashed dogs on beaches would continue. This matter came up again at the following council meeting of the 1st December 2014 based on an new recommendation by a number of councillors to investigate a trial, amongst other things however that motion was lost and the following motion carried;


1. That Council form a working group comprising:

a) Chairperson – Natural Environment Committee chair

b) A Councillor from each ward

c) Staff representatives from Natural Environment & Education, Reserves Recreation & Building Services, Environmental Compliance, Catchment Management & Climate Change

d) Representative from NSW Department of National Parks & Wildlife

e) Other government and non-government organisations as may be interested

f) A representative from Northern Beaches Dog Training Club

g) Four residents

h) A representative from Crown Lands

2. That the working group objective be to review Council Policy No.30 – Dog Control in accordance with its objective “To provide effective dog control in leashed and unleashed areas in the Pittwater Local Government Area” in accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998.

3. That the working group consider including in the policy effective education measures, compliance control, asset maintenance, signage and the adequacies of all the current dog

areas in Pittwater LGA to meet the current and future dog population.

4. That the working group undertake any environmental assessments as required.

5. That staff bring back a progress report to Council at the second meeting in February 2015.


The NRA lodged a submission which can be read under the heading Submissions


It should be noted here, that on 27 November 2014, a motion was carried that the Newport Residents Association wishes to remind
Pittwater Council that the northern end of Newport Beach comprises:
• A reserve dedicated to Eric Green’s vision of preserving Pittwater’s unique natural
• A wildlife corridor leading to the sanctuary on South Bilgola headland.
• A sensitive dune system undergoing re-vegetation.
• A section of the Bi-centennial Coastal Walkway used by international visitors as well
as local Pittwater residents and other Australian visitors.
• A very recently installed, semi-permanent, Beach Volley Ball net. As this is very likely
to be used pre and post school or work, throughout the year, there is real potential for
conflict between unleashed dogs and the Volley Ball players.
Taking into consideration the above, the Newport Residents Association does not believe that the Northern end of Newport Beach ia suitable for an off-leash dog area