At the July 2016 NRA meeting there were a number of concerns raised regarding this stretch of Barrenjoey road regarding the safety of children crossing to the school, cars trying to cross or turn onto Barrenjoey Rd not at lights, cars doing U turns and similar.   Some of the  suggestions so far were;

  • Should there be timed lights at the corner of Queens Parade for school children during school hours?
  • Adequacy of footpath for parents with prams and children at the Beaconsfield St lights intersection
  • Should there be a ‘U’ turn prohibition at the Queens Parade intersection?
  • Should there be a turning bay at the Gladston Street intersection for cars turning South (up the hill) onto Barrenjoey Rd?
  • Should there be clever planting of low shrubs on the Barrenjoey Rd median strip?

The purpose of this web site post is to get comments from members or any resident as to their suggestion/recommendations by making a COMMENT BELOW (where provided) so that at the next NRA meeting the matter can be discussed and a proposal agreed upon to then take up with the council and relevant authorities.



On the 19th September 2016 we had a drive around Newport with the Administrator Dick Persson and he had briefing notes regarding the issues raised above and others, effectively the council responses to our questions and comments. Please click on the following link to read these (Briefing Notes).