At the NRA meeting on the 21st June the meeting considered the following resolution as a member of Pittwater Forever who were canvassing their nineteen Pittwater member community groups  regarding whether or not to adopt a position in respect of voting preferences at the upcoming federal election;

‘Should PFE have a policy of recommendation in support of any candidate in the upcoming Federal Election for the seat of Mackellar?

Your communications committee has recommended that the full PFE committee give thought to a policy as follows;

               ‘Any candidate who does not support the full and early restoration of Pittwater be put last on the ballot paper’

The NRA meeting  voted to support Pittwater Forever adopting this resolution (passed on a majority vote).


At the  NRA meeting in May a resolution was passed to invite the Federal Election candidates  for our area of Mackellar (of which there are seven) to send us a written response re the following questions;

For the record the issues the NRA wish addressed in your statement to cover;

    • What steps can your party take for the preservation of the unique built and green environment of Pittwater?
    • What are your parties polices on an amalgamation roll-back? 

The responses from the five candidates who have responded are as follows;

Julie Hegarty (Independent)  (click here for submission)

Liam Gavin (Independent) (refer below)

Rhonda Funnell (Labor) (click here for submission)

Mike Hall (Greens) (click here for submission)

Jason Felinski (Liberal) (refer below)

Dear Gavin

Thank you for the opportunity to address, via yourself, the NRA.  The Pittwater LEP is ultimately a matter for the state government, but the Liberal Party has a strong record of preserving the unique environment of Pittwater and the Northern Beaches in general.  The state government has already announced that the it will not allow changes to the LEP while the council is in administration.  It has also foreshadowed that both Manly and Pittwater will have LEPs that can be amended by the vote of the sitting councillors in those wards.

Council amalgamations are a state government initiative, and the Federal Government does not have a roll in them.  Having said that if a policy is not working, then of course, it should be reconsidered and amended or if necessary reversed.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Liam Gavin (Independent)

Hi Gavin,

To have any chance to get this country back on its feet requires money. Not the fully funded message that has been sold by the major parties that previously told us we were borrowing $100 million a day to pay interest on our current budget deficit. See Liam’s three main policies below that provide finance without raising taxes. These will raise the money to fund the necessary infrastructure (hospital, aged care etc) that we need in Mackellar and Australia.

However, when people talk about the widening of Mona Vale Road the following three things have to be kept in mind.

1) It is unlikely that our current State Parliament will not introduce an inordinate amount of additional housing.

2) All traffic at present is gridlocked in Ryde.

3) All the busses during Rush Hour are gridlocked in Mosman. So changing the name and the colour of the busses will have no effect.

We need controls in place such as blocks north of Mona Vale Road to be restricted to a minimum of 720 sqm for at least 15 years. This takes into account the difficult nature of access and servicing on the Peninsula.

Sooner or later, we are going to have to face up to the fact that the bus system is not capable of our current needs.


Team LG

(Click here for Liam’s 3 main policies)