In November 2014 Warwick & his wife Jan were driving in Oxford England where they were cleaned up by a car on the wrong side of the road and both have sustained extensive injuries and are in intensive care in hospital. We understand the two occupants of the car which caused the accident were both killed. We are also advised that Warwick & Jan’s son has flown to England from Australia to be with them.

The executive and members of the NRA extend our best wishes to both Warwick & Jan and hope they are recovered enough to be able to return back to Australia as soon as possible.

March 2015 update:

Warwick & Jan are back in Australia and Warwick provided the below update which I am sure he doesn’t mind us sharing;

‘I would like to thank you and the NRA members for sending me a very nice Get Well card recently. I really do appreciate that and would like you to express the same to other members at the next meeting.

It has certainly been a traumatic and painful experience for both Jan and myself. Whilst Jan is now completely mobile I still have many more months of physio and treatment before I will be back to some level of normality in terms of mobility. I have been in the Beachside Rehab Unit at MVH for the last 10 weeks. The staff there were very good and supportive.

We have been blessed by so many friends and colleagues passing on their well wishes to us.

So thanks again and I will return to NRA meeting at the earliest opportunity.


With Kind Regards, Warwick’