Administrator pulls Place Plan and send it back for review and consultation once the new council is appointed

The Administrator Dick Persson at the council meeting of 22nd November 2016 put through a meeting note to give effect that the current exhibition period would be cancelled and the place plan sent back for further consultation and review by the elected council.  We applaud the Administrator for listening to the people.


Mona Vale Rally held at the Village Park Sunday 27th November 2016

The public rally was called by Mona Vale Residents Assn and supported by many of the other Pittwater community organisations. As a consequence of app 20,000 flyers being distributed throughout Pittwater the Administrator pulled the draft plan as noted above and this gained much publicity. Despite the publicity of the plan being pulled the rally went ahead on a low key approach with still a very significant turnout (over 400). Please view the photos courtesy of Michael Mannington under the Menu item Photo Galleries above.


The Mona Vale Place Plan now on exhibition until the 13th November (now extended to 13th December) brings out all Pittwater residents worst fears from the council amalgamation. The Place Plan recommends 6 storey buildings in the main town centre and fronting part of Barrenjoey Rd. It was the creation of the only 6 storey building in Mona Vale 25 years ago that led directly to the deamalgamation of Warringah and the formation of Pittwater Council.

Should the Northern Beaches Council adopt this Place Plan and change the LEP’s to provide for it then it is likely that a new LEP will cover the whole new NBC council area thereby allowing 6 storey buildings in Newport, Bilgola, Avalon and Palm Beach, creating a new ‘Gold Coast’. This would destroy the ‘connected villages’ concept of Pittwater that the old Pittwater Council had created from the wishes of its residents.

Why is the new council pushing for these changes?, well we believe it is what the Sate Government wants to support its new planning strategy to increase the population density across Sydney and our new council planners and management (including the Administrator) are keen to support this concept. The Pittwater residents, despite what the council say about consultation before the draft plans release, have had no say in this. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE PITTWATER RESIDENTS NOW TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SPEAK either directly at a public meeting or by making a submission and lodging it before the deadline of 13th November.

It is imperative we all have our say on the controversial draft Mona Vale Place Plan :

(Have your say here)

Check out what the ‘proposed Built Form Character of Mona Vale’ looks like under this plan – go to 5.0 (page 35)

(Draft Mona Vale Place Plan)

The NBC council have supplied the following details;

Draft Mona Vale Place Plan

Exhibition Period Wednesday 28 September to Sunday 13 November 2016

Should you wish to comment, please email, post or fax your submission to Council.
Submissions should be in writing and received by 5pm Sunday 13 November 2016.

Submissions should be marked “Draft Mona Vale Place Plan”

Document Links: Mona Vale Draft Plan  (PDF: 16MB)

Come to an information stall at Mona Vale Library Laneway:

  • Saturday 29 October, 10am-2pm
  • Sunday 6 November, 10am-4pm (Mona Vale Market Day)

Community Meeting at Mona Vale Memorial Hall 

* Please Note Change of Date & Time*

Saturday 29 October, 4-6pm – to register to speak at the meeting
please email Evy Anwar on