The Northern Beaches Council have decided to create 11 new Reference Groups across the whole northern beaches LGA as follows;

Local Representation Group Strategic Reference Groups (SRGs)


  1. Affordable Housing
  2. Economic Development and Tourism
  3. Place Making


  1. Natural Environment
  2. Waste and Recovery Management
  3. Sustainable Transport


  1. Art, Culture and Heritage
  2. Community Safety
  3. Inclusive Communities
  4. Open Space and Recreation
  5. Youth

The Expression of Interest process is open from 13 August 2016 until 4 September.

Applications can be made through the website at:

If you do not intend to complete your application in one session make sure that you save your application by pressing the save and continue link at the top of the screen in the online application form.

Letter from NBC re the new SRG’s (NBC SRG letter)


NRA Successful representatives advised late September 2016

Out of five nominations only two NRA representatives were appointed to the new NBC reference groups, being;

Lorrie Morgan              (Art, Culture & Heritage)

Peter Middleton           (Economic Development and Tourism)

The three unsuccessful NRA members (who all had served for many years on the Pittwater Council reference groups) were Bill Thompson (Natural Environment), Selena Webber (Place Making) and Gavin Butler (Inclusive Communities).