NBC provided an address and explanation of the forthcoming draft operational plan & budget for 2023/24. There are some changes including a rate increase and information of what maintenance etc is proposed for our area and we give a brief summary below. The presentation is not too lengthy and can be viewed by clicking on the below link.

Link to presentation

Rate Increase

There has been a complete land revaluation within the last year which has resulted in an average increase in land values for the NBC LGA of 64.6% (Newport average app av. 70%)

Land Value increases do not reflect average rate increases – because rate increases are pegged (legislated) to increase no more than 3.7% over the whole NBC LGA. The value to which the 3.7% reflects means that this increase will be apportioned according to your new land value, meaning some properties may get an increase whilst others a decrease. Refer to the details on the attached presentation.

Where will to money be spent?

Proposed road resheeting for Newport includes Bishop St, Hollywood Rd and Sybil St (refer to slide 13)

Health & Recreation increases refer to slide 15 & 16

Environmental improvements refer to slide 14

Click here for the full budget & plan and click the links (Yellow) at the bottom of the page for our area