The attached Rangers response to a letter may be of interest to the NRA members.

On 30 June one of the NRA members, Bill Thomson wrote

Dear Councillors,

I’m sure you will agree that this is a terrible indictment against our Council. I urge you to read the article published in Pittwater On-line.

70 dog “attacks” in the last quarter is quite unacceptable and reflects poorly on senior management and the diligence of the compliance officers, especially when one learns that councils with similar registered dog numbers have far lower “attacks”Newport Beach, where I live, suffers increasing numbers of off-leash dogs around the Surf Club, by the pool, and on the path and track leading to South Bilgola headland and Nature Reserve.Requests  have been made  for Ranger presence around 7.00 am when many folk are exercising, swimming and walking.I do hope you will be able to raise this whole matter of poor dog owner compliance in the NBC LGA

best wishes, Bill Thomson

Rangers Response