At the August 2014 meeting the New 10/50 Vegetation Legislation was discussed. This legislation could have a catastrophic effect on the native trees in Pittwater allowing house owners to chop down nearly any tree for any reason they liked. It was noted there is a website tool to identify: which Pittwater properties are affected.

Pittwater Council has generated an approx map, revealing 55% of Pittwater is affected. PWC meeting was unanimous that State Government should repeal the ill-drafted legislation, as owners were already using the legislation for clearing other than for fire and many misinterpreting the legislation by attacking areas outside their own property. (Our member arborist K Hill commented legislation referred only to ‘woody perennials’ which technically protects palms.)

The NRA is write to the Ministers concerned (3) to voice our community’s concern about this policy and its effect on our vegetation as a natural asset, requesting Pittwater be exempted from the application of this legislation.