Following the extensive rains in February & March this year (2022) there has been extensive community concern regarding access to the Newport pool due to the landslides near the pool, meaning access is both difficult with all the exposed rocks and dangerous.

The following videos (courtesy of Pittwater Pathways) show the history of the pool and the significant risks associated with access to the pool, especially when the public use the narrow pathway under the cliff face (known locally as the ‘goat track’). This pathway is actually on private land.

VIDEO #1 History and the issue

VIDEO #2 Update

One of the big concerns is the public continuing to use the ‘goat track’ path despite the council warning signs. Following all the rains and big seas all the sand has been removed by those events and only rocks remain making it difficult to gain access to the pool except at low tide. The sand may not reappear until the end of 2022 when the North East winds return.

Following NRA approaches to the council regarding these concerns Steven Lawler, Executive Manager Parks & Recreation, has responded with a detailed explanation regarding the situation. Mr Lawler noted Council has engaged an experienced consultant to undertake emergency geotechnical inspections of selected coastal headland sites & South Newport beach has been inspected. Staff will be receiving recommendations and any requirements for emergency works for Council to undertake. They will prioritise any actions for specific geotechnical hazards. It was noted that some sections are on private property and Council may need to work with those residents to address concerns in the longer term. Council have erected warning signs.

Read the council response