Possible Community Workshop: Sustainable Tourism in Pittwater from a community perspective.

Following on from the recent discussions the NRA have had re the use of the ‘Woolworths’ site in Newport and the attached community parking areas including the excellent paper by Peter Middleton (to be found under the Currrent Issues topic ‘Foamcrest Ave carpark status’), the NRA has had discussions with a Town Planner (Kelvin Auld) who has been offering his assistance. Kelvin  has offered to host a workshop on the following lines;

The objective of the community workshop is to investigate and explore the planning and policy alternatives for “sustainable tourism” in Pittwater from a community perspective.

An outcome of the workshop would be an outline of what  “sustainable tourism” is in the context of Pittwater’s existing natural, social, economic and institutional  environments and a position paper from a community point of view.

Topics (for discussion)
1. Outline the current tourism industry in Pittwater drawing on existing research.

  1. What is “sustainable tourism” in the context of Pittwater’s existing natural, social, economic and institutional environments.
  2. Let’s look at the history of local resistance to Pittwater becoming a tourism hub like the Gold Coast or Noosa or overdeveloped by tourist developments.
  3. Current “Narratives” of Sustainable Tourism – Implications for Planning, Development and Environmental and Social impacts.
  1. Let’s investigate the assertion that Pittwater’s tourism is stunted by a lack of accommodation and look for existing destinations which might serve as a model for planning and development.
  2. Do we have “Sustainable Tourism” already or are we on the right track?
  3. What are the planning and development options for sustainable tourism in Pittwater in the context of Pittwater’s existing natural, social, economic and institutional  environments from a community point of view.
  4. Findings of workshop, preparation of a community position paper titled “Sustainable Tourism in Pittwater – A community Perspective” and future action.

Please Note this is a first draft of suggestions.

Kelvin has asked for your thoughts – he will consult with a few community representatives including Peter Middleton. Peter said his start point for our involvement and suggestions is:

What can we put forward which might have a better outcome for Newport village, than a second and larger supermarket at its centre? Always bearing in mind that any option has to demonstrate commercial viability and address replacement of the public parking which will no doubt be lost with any development. But also bearing in mind that development will necessitate sale of at least some community land and that there has to be a community benefit as a result of that sacrifice.’

Kelvin is happy to co-ordinate a workshop which he thinks should comprise about 15 people.


The NRA will discuss this idea at an upcoming meeting to flesh out how and to what extent the NRA would be involved etc.