Simon Barlow had created a separate website to bring you up to date with the SAVE ROBERTSON ROAD Campaign – well worth visiting (Click here)


May 2021 Update re Mayoral Minute Workshop

NBC 23rd March 2021 Council Meeting Forum Presentation

Mayoral Minute moved and passed at 23rd March 2021 Council meeting


Cr Regan
That Council write to land owners in the Newport Village Commercial Centre and local community groups inviting them to participate in a meeting/workshop with Council representatives to discuss the realisation of the vision to revitalise the Newport Village Commercial Centre as documented in the Masterplan prepared by Pittwater Council (and which forms part of Pittwater 21 Development Control Plan (21DCP) – including opportunities for site amalgamations.
FOR: Cr White, Cr Daley, Cr Philpott, Cr Grattan, Cr Heins, Cr McTaggart, Cr Bingham, Cr Ferguson, Cr Walton, Cr Sprott, Cr Harrison and Cr Regan
ABSENT: Cr De Luca


Facebook Page – Save Robertson Road (created by Simon Barlow)


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NRA Latest submission


 A History and the issues ;

Since the drafting stages of Pittwater Council’s “Newport Village Masterplan” and community consultation c2007/8, the NRA has been a champion of the concept and a promoter of adherence to it, in an effort to evolve a village that is what the community has endorsed as its desired direction.  This is core to the reason that the NRA was a strong opponent to the Woolworths proposal to dump a 3,200sqm boundary-to-boundary supermarket-plus-3-storey-carpark onto the Barrenjoey/Foamcrest site, which almost abuts the southern Robertson Rd property. It totally contradicts the concept and the specifics of the Masterplan. 

                The Masterplan sets down – and offers inducements to do – a number of things which are totally ignored in all of the current and recent DAs lodged for the Robertson Rd environs (northern and southern sides). These factors include: 

                                – Robertson Rd is to evolve to become a community-centric pedestrian plaza; – increased height is allowed with site amalgamation, so defined setbacks can protect sun access and aesthetic streetscape; 

                                – site amalgamation also effects underground parking integration, further enhancing pedestrian movement by pushing entries/exits away from Barrenjoey and Robertson Rds;

                                – existing arcades are to be retained and new arcades are to be integrated, to enhance the casual shopping and community nature of the village; 

                                – shopfront design and construction is to foster the table-service flow of cafes, restaurants, etc from within to the community areas outside.

One of the NRA members Simon Barlow has created a Facebook page to garner interest (and has over 700 likes) and created a campaign which solidly addresses these and other aspects of the Masterplan, by proposing a cooperation by owners of Robertson Rd (and adjacent properties) with an ability to deliver win:wins for owner/developers and both the resident and visitor communities.

We think that NBC should leverage off this campaign and become more actively involved and work on a plan for the total area, which includes the Foamcrest Avenue carpark, where the provision of a council owned carpark under the total area opens up lots of great possibilities.


The NRA has a serious concern regarding the vision for Robertson Road Newport & its Plaza use, as expressed in the Newport Masterplan, if the proposed planning proposal for 351 & 353 Barrenjoey Rd (Cnr Barrenjoey & Robertson Rds) and similar applications were to be approved without serious changes.

This planning proposal brings into question whether our Local Village Masterplans have a value or a future if the above planning proposal goes ahead. Currently both Avalon & Mona Vale are preparing their own Place Plans (name change from Masterplan) and so the outcome of this proposal should be of immense interest to all villages in the Northern Beaches Council area.

We have been working closely with Council staff since mid last year, on an activation plan for Newport.
Robertson Road is the centre of many community activities and is regularly closed off for such events including one last November which was the launch.

We think there should be greater emphasis on the requirements of the Newport Masterplan, that the Robertson Rd zone is dedicated to form a key component of a pedestrian plaza, which is to become the community hub of Newport village. Any new development proposed for Robertson Rd should divert daily vehicular traffic to another street access. This is why a basic town planning philosophy of this Masterplan is to reward consolidation of sites, which in turn will optimise community accessibility rather than compromising and constraining it.

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