At our recent meeting of Newport Residents Association one of our members Dr.Greg Ross Veterinarian spoke about the massive proliferation of Myna birds in the shopping precinct and environs. He advised that on both sides of Barrenjoey Rd  Newport, from the Bowling Club to Coles Pde. most trees had massive numbers of these birds preying on tables outside restaurants and coffee shops, waiting for food morsels. Robertson Road also has the same problem. The birds then defaecate on the foot path or the tables. Myna bird faeces contains coliform and salmonella bacteria that is potentially dangerous to humans.

He rang the Council however was advised that Council had no plans to eradicate the birds but Council would only act if an individual shop did not clean up the birds’ mess.

It appears that trapping is the best method to remove these birds, but shop owners do not want to put traps at their front entrances and can’t be held responsible for birds outside their premises.

Council position

We have been advise the following from council – ‘Council does not have a current eradication program for Indian Myna birds. In terms of environmental health, Council would investigate cases where a premise is allegedly doing something such as feeding the Indian Myna’s or allowing nesting to occur in areas that pose a risk to public health.  

Food businesses are required to prevent pests in areas which they are responsible for. If there is evidence that pests are regularly entering indoor dining areas or food preparation/storage areas, Council can investigate and issue direction for breaches where warranted.   

Council’s webpage on Indian Mynas promotes the community group Northern Beaches Indian Myna Action Group and has some further information on the Indian Myna bird;’  

Northern Beaches Indian Myna Action Group