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The State Government requires all newly amalgamated councils to have only one LEP/DCP for each Local Government Area (LGA). Northern Beaches Council has commenced the preparation of converting the former four LEP’s into one (the old Warringah Council had two LEP’s for historical reasons).

NBC explain the approach as follows;

Over the next two years we will be working with our community to bring together our current local planning controls to create one new planning framework that will guide and manage future development in the Northern Beaches.

Our planning framework is made up of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) which is used to control development of land in a Local Government Area and a Development Control Plan (DCP) which provides detailed local planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls in the LEP.

A new LEP and DCP for the Northern Beaches will provide our community with a clearer, simpler and fairer set of planning rules.

We started this process last year with the release of our Local Strategic Planning Statement – Towards 2040 which outlines the future vision for the Northern Beaches and our commitment to a sustainable future. Towards 2040 is one of the building blocks in the new planning framework that integrates regional directions set by the Greater Sydney Commission and the community priorities identified in our Community Strategic Plan – Shape 2028.

This new LEP is very important for the residents of Pittwater to ensure that all the environmental achievements of our former Pittwater Council are not eroded in the exercise of ‘one size fits all’.

The NRA will be taking a close look at the draft document, however we would ask all residents to take some time and have a look at the areas that you may be concerned with and comment on the NBC page. Comments close the 5th September 2021.

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The paper sets out each subject and then puts a table of comparison of how each of the  current 4 LEP’s handles that matter. It then goes on to have a PROPOSED APPROACH which is what you need to review and comment on as necessary. We give additional links below to help zero in on the particular part.

Sustainability (Click the heading)

A focus on waterway, environmental, recreational and rural zones. Controls to protect our waterways, bushland and biodiversity, scenic areas, Metropolitan Rural Area and urban tree canopy.

Infrastructure & Collaboration (Click the heading)

Special purpose zones and alignment with the Infrastructure State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) and Education SEPP.

Liveability Click the heading)

Housing diversity and affordability, residential zones and implementation of our Local Housing Strategy.

Promoting safety and social inclusion, local character, design excellence and heritage protection.

Productivity (Click the heading)

Improving connectivity through parking provisions and encouraging sustainable transport.

For jobs and skills, tourism controls and changes to our business and industrial zones including increased building heights in these zones.