New development at cnr Barrenjoey & Robertson Rds Newport has some concerns

Whilst the NRA is in support of a modern new development at this site the planing proposal has a number of issues and  breaches a number of the Newport Masterplan provisions.

Inspect the DA here

The NRA has made a submission and this can also be read here

Our main concerns briefly are as follows;

  • Generally we believe that the proposal is too intensive for the site.
  • We note the proposal provides for the provision of fourteen units and eight shops and believe that a smaller number of units would be preferable giving more floor space for each.
  • No side separation at the 3rd floor adjacent to 357 Barrenjoey Rd. The DCP 10.9 Newport commercial area calls for a min 3 metre side setback.
  • There are a number of setback and height issues not in compliance with the DCP
  • The proposals for alfresco dining on Robertson Rd. have not been thought out well and agree that the suggestions outlined in the council ‘Urban Design Referral Response’ would provide a better street activation outcome.
  • We have concerns that the proposed height of the proposal will create unwanted shade effects on the street cafes opposite in Robertson Rd
  • The proposal calls for the removal of the native gum in Robertson Rd. This tree is actually located on council land as part of the footpath and being a mature native tree should be preserved. The tree has survived successfully for multiple decades, co-existing with surrounding built infrastructure.  There is no reason why a tree-friendly design/plan-of-management could not be incorporated into the future development of the site.
  • We also note that during the construction phase projected to last thirteen months that the developers wish to remove app. eight Robertson Rd parking spaces opposite the development. We believe this will have a major impact on the Robertson Rd businesses and cafes and alternatives should be explored.
  • Whilst the traffic report suggests that the provision of fifty one car spaces in the proposal will not cause undue impact on the Robertson Rd Traffic, we find this hard to accept given this is a narrow Plaza type street and the entrance is opposite cafes and parking for those cafes.

We think there should be greater emphasis on the requirements of the Newport Masterplan, that the Robertson Rd zone is dedicated to form a key component of a pedestrian plaza, which is to become the community hub of Newport village. Any new development proposed for Robertson Rd should divert daily vehicular traffic to another street access. This is why a basic town planning philosophy of this Masterplan is to reward consolidation of sites, which in turn will optimise community accessibility rather than compromising and constraining it. It is an established prelude to the forward-thinking aspects of NBC’s “Towards 2040” draft LSPS.