The unique character of Robertson Road is its location off the main road, the streetscape of outdoor tables, umbrellas and trees, and the atmosphere created by the restaurants, boutiques and pedestrian traffic. This will be lost if the current DA’s that plan roller door entrances to underground carparks on Robertson Road are approved. It will not only break the continuity of the shop frontages and pavements, but will forever destroy the opportunity for Robertson Road to be closed to traffic and ideally function as a pedestrian plaza. The architectural designs are also unappealing and not in keeping with the coastal village character of the area. We need thoughtful and sensitive development to save this character.

A separate website has been created by Simon Barlow a long term Newport resident. Simon has created this website in an endeavour to get a groundswell of resident support and let our council and State Government representatives know they need to support the community. Simon has also created a Facebook page. Simon was invited to and joined the NRA committee last year and we have welcomed his great input, effort and enthusiasm. Please clink on the links below to update yourself.


Facebook page

The NRA has had a long campaign over many years to ensure that Robertson Rd Newport can continue to hold plaza type events as it has done over the years. Ideally it could become a permanent closed-off village plaza. There have been a number of DA’s submitted, and whilst we have no issue with new developments at this location they need to be in accordance with the community wishes and in accordance with the Newport Masterplan.

Newport Residents Association in conjunction with the ‘Save Robertson Rd campaign’ have launched a new survey focusing specifically on Robertson Road.  So if you know the area reasonably well, and want to help your community, completing this survey will be a great way to contribute. It will also inform our elected representatives about what you think! Only 5 to 7 mins to complete, and you will be making a huge difference.

Click on the link to start the survey

HISTORY OF CAMPAIGN AND DA’s – go to our separate posts here