The Northern Beaches Council has allocated $100,000 to modify a part of the carpark on the development of a Youth Outdoor Space between the Newport Surf Club and the  adjoining Children’s play area to the west of the club.

Here is a link to Council’s YourSay page with details of the proposed Newport outdoor youth space.  

Submissions will close on 16 February 2020 with a view to start construction by June 2020.


We have been in touch with the Newport Surf Club and they have sent the following details (which they have shared with us) to all their members outlining their position

Newport outdoor youth space
What do you think?

Hello All

I have received several emails and messages asking about the proposed Newport Youth Outdoor Space proposed in the area between the club and the playground (concept image above). We felt it necessary to clarify our involvement.

First, the development of the Newport Youth Outdoor Space was not proposed by the club and is completely separate from the club expansion plans.

As a club, we should support anything that improves the amenities of the area, especially for our youth. Through our development plans, we are also seeking to provide a facility that supports the broader community.

While we support the intent of this initiative, as it stands, several issues impact the day to day operations of the club including:

  • Loss of access by emergency vehicles to the surf club main entry/first aid room and beach via the south end of the carpark.
  • Loss of any meaningful forecourt area to the clubhouse main entry.
  • Loss of parking directly outside the club’s main entry.
  • The proposed arrangement will also impact events the club runs such as Pool to Peak and carnivals as well as community events such as the Pub 2 Pub finish line, Australia Day celebrations and the Newport Beach Festival (aka Market Day).
  • The Concept Plan needs to have the updated club DA layout superimposed on the Concept Plan as the current plan does not illustrate the relationships with the clubhouse expanded plans.

I have met with the Northern Beaches Council representatives and they have taken on board these concerns. They have also invited the club as a major stakeholder to participate in the development of the proposal once community feedback has been received. I have accepted that invitation and will seek 1 or 2 other club representatives to join me on this committee.

Below is the link to Council’s YourSay page with details of the proposed Newport Outdoor Youth Space.  Council has allocated $100,000 to modify a part of the carpark to provide a youth outdoor space and submissions will close on 16 February 2020 with a view to starting construction by June 2020.

I want to encourage all our members to participate in this feedback process to help reinforce the clubs needs but also ensure your views are considered.

Over the past year, our Newport community has been rocked by some terrible tragedies especially related to our youth. Our Surf Club and its members can play a significant role in addressing many of the issues related to these tragedies. Our new facilities will improve our ability to support these efforts, and I look forward to sharing our progress with you in the new year.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and I hope Santa is generous, and you and your family remain safe over the festive season.

I look forward to seeing you on the beach.

Warm regards

Glen Borg
M: 0419 217 143


Firstly when the proposal was brought to our attention we were concerned that it may not be in accord with the Newport Surf Clubs expansion proposals and so contacted the club offering our support should there be a conflict. Following our contact the Surf Club President sent out the above e-mail to all its members outlining their position.

Following discussion with NRA committee and other members the NRA has made the following submission (click here).