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The next meeting of the Newport Residents Association will be held on Tuesday 21st July 2015  at the Newport Community Centre, The Boulevard Newport at 7 pm. This meeting will commence with the Annual General Meeting followed by an ordinary monthly meeting. The Agenda’s for both meetings will be available under ‘Documents‘  approximately one week prior to the meeting.

Should you wish to send an apology for the next meeting please complete and use the ‘Contact Us’ facility.

All community members are encouraged and are most welcome to attend.

Next Meeting AGM Tuesday 21st July 2015


Amalgamation – At the 29th June extraordinary council meeting the presentation of the final Pittwater submission to IPART was presented and approved. The Rescission Motion that was on the Agenda for this meeting was withdrawn. We now need to recommence our political campaign directed to the state government and our own state representative to prevent amalgamation.


For other information click on the Amalgamation issue on this website or for up-to-the-minute information  click on the following link -(this is a great website and we encourage you to have a look)