The NRA Supports the downloading of the COVIDSAFE app

Click here to commence the downloading

Our reasons for supporting the downloading may be summarised as follows;

  • The App system only works as a protective initiative if a majority of (at least our capital city) citizens take it up.
  • It then only works if you carry your phone with you when you are out, with Bluetooth turned “On”.
  • 99% of people already have multiple Apps on their phone, which are compromising their privacy way, way more than this App will do.
  • If you’ve ever filled in a quiz on Facebook, you’ve exposed yourself to far more intrusive, ongoing exposure than this App will.
  • The COVIDSAFE App does not track you, it logs where your phone has come into Bluetooth distance with another phone with the App, to enable advice to your phone if that phone owner should test positive*.
  • All data is kept for only 21 days, on a rolling cycle*.