The B-Line service

The B-Line service is scheduled to start operating in late 2017 and will provide more frequent and reliable services for customers travelling between the Northern Beaches and the Sydney CBD.

You can find out more about this project at:

There is also a plan for Narrabeen as well – an update from March 2016 is available here

Mona Vale Commuter Car Park

At Mona Vale, TfNSW plans to deliver new northbound and southbound bus interchanges on Barrenjoey Road, a commuter car park with around 150 commuter car parking spaces on the Eastern side of Barrenjoey Road, plus funding to Northern Beaches Council of $2.5 million for future investment in car parking in Mona Vale as part of the Mona Vale Place Plan.

The proposal for Mona Vale consists of both short-term and medium-term car parking developments.
In the short term TfNSW propose to add additional spaces to Beeby Park Car Park, whilst retaining the major tree stand, to provide 150 commuter car parking spaces. This land is owned by the NSW Government (Crown Lands – DPI).

For the medium term, TfNSW will provide funding to Northern Beaches Council of $2.5million this financial year as an off-set for the conversion of the 77 car spaces that currently exist at the Beeby car park to commuter car parking, so that Council can provide additional parking in Mona Vale as part of the Mona Vale Place Plan.

The construction of additional spaces in Beeby Park Car Park will require a relocation of the existing Scouts, Guides and Tennis Clubs currently in Kitchener Park. TfNSW advised discussions between Scouts, Guides and the Tennis Club have reviewed various relocation positions with the preferred location to remain in Kitchener Park through redevelopment of the existing Tennis Club into a two-story building on the northern side of the tennis courts. TfNSW will arrange this re-location (including relocation costs) with support from council as appropriate.

The report states there would be no impact on the Golf Course or the existing playing fields.

TFNSW is also to deliver the following road scope items to support the Mona Vale Commuter Car Park and B-Line stops:
o New left turn slip lane on the northern approach to the intersection with Golf Avenue on Barrenjoey Road;
o Extend northbound right turn bay on Barrenjoey Road into Golf Avenue;
o Realignment of the left turn bay existing from Pittwater Road on to Barrenjoey Road to facilitate the relocation of the northbound Mona Vale B-Line stop to just north of this left turn bay; and
o Indented bus bays for southbound Mona Vale B-Line stop.

Pittwater On-Line News has a good detailed summary of the proposal just click on the following link –



Re Proposal for extending the B-Line bus service to Newport

The Newport Residents Association at its monthly meeting held  on Tuesday 21st June 2016 considered the above proposal based on the information it had deduced from various reports and from discussions with the office of the Hon Rob Stokes and resolved to write to the council and Mr Stokes outlining the NRA concerns as follows;

The meeting unanimously voted to reject this proposal for the following reasons;

  • The impact on the residential streets to allow the volume of busses (which we understand are to run every 10 minutes at the peak times) to be able to turn around to make the southern journey.
  • Should the busses instead of using the residential streets use a modified surf club car park to turn we believe the permanent impact on the surf club car park for access and egress could not be justified.
  • Any egress from the surf club car park, if it was to be considered, would need to be at the northern end which would make it too close to the single lane portion and bends coming down the hill from Avalon on Barrenjoey Road.
  • The potential impact of a dedicated bus lane to the Barrenjoey road businesses would be catastrophic and also potentially have an impact on village life.
  • The current street scape of Barrenjoey Road in the village area has been extremely well upgraded to fit in with the Pittwater Connected Village ideals and it would need to be potentially destroyed to make way for permanent bus lanes.

In summary the members of the Newport Residents Association are unaware of where the push to extend the B-Line service to Newport is coming from and do not believe there has been any consultation on the benefits or otherwise of this proposal with the residents of Newport.

You may peruse the NRA submission under Documents/submissions from the Menu Bar


Resident Groups proposed submission re bus services north of Mona Vale.

The issue of an extended service and the retention of bus connections to the city that we already have from Palm Beach to Mona Vale is currently being discussed with other community organisations at Avalon, Bilgola Plateau and Palm Beach. To this end the CABPRA (Clareville & Bilgola Plateau Residents Association) have produced a draft document to take to the State politicians, NB Council and the Dept of Transport. To view this draft document please click on the following link (draft submission re bus services). Should you have any comments regarding this submission please advise the NRA executive.


Meeting with State member Rob Stokes

B-Line Meeting 29/8/2016

Representatives from the Clareville and Bilgola Plateau Residents Association, The Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association, Avalon Preservation Association and the Newport Residents Association met with The Hon Rob Stokes on 29th August to discuss the delivery of the B-Line service. The discussion paper Suggested B-Line Bus Route Links North of Mona Vale provided an introduction for the discussion that included: the importance of maintaining and improving the existing express and limited stop services north of Mona Vale, transfers, improvement of links, routes and schedules, concern regarding the impacts of extension of the B-Line service north of Mona Vale.

The B-Line is planned to terminate at Wynyard. From the 5th September, 2016 a transfer discount for changing modes on public transport will apply to Opal charges.

There is to be an improved bus service to Manly Wharf.

The option for commuter parking in Mona Vale, by increasing the parking capacity in Beeby Park and the associated impact on the existing buildings in Kitchener Park, is no longer under consideration by Transport for NSW.

The provision of infrastructure and improved public transport has the potential to increase development. The draft Mona Vale Place Plan (not yet on exhibition, includes heights of 6 storeys in parts of Mona Vale town centre).

The implementation of the B-Line must result in an improved the public transport service for the community. A further meeting with representatives of Transport for NSW is to be arranged.