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(Comments by Gavin Butler President of the NRA)

‘Our community has been demanding ‘action’ for some time so we finally pulled the plug and went ahead with the Rally held on Sunday 22nd October at the Newport Surf Club. There were a lot of passionate people at the rally with a multitude of feelings as depicted by the various placards. We estimate the size of the crowd at in excess of 700, it is always hard to tell when in such a large open area but we collected 550 petition signatures over the hour of the rally. The photos (see Home page and Photo Gallery) tell a story however the message is summarised by the wording of the petition;

‘I will not support the extension  of the B-Line to Newport without having a fully developed and researched plan to judge. Everything exposed to us as yet threatens to increase traffic congestion, threatens our local and beach parking, threatens our trees and threatens our village life. I want a public transport solution that works for the whole Peninsula.’

There are great concerns as to whether a roundabout can actually work at the Neptune & Barrenjoey Road intersection, let alone create another choke point for the communities north of Newport as noted by Peter Mayman speaking on behalf of CABPRA, APA & PBWBA.

In some way we feel as if we are being blackmailed by the Government, they are saying if you don’t accept the B-Line in Newport you will not share in the $500 million of the B-Line money and you will also end up with an inferior bus service to that you have today (just like the communities north of Newport will have from the 26th November and the Newport community will have until the B-Line to Newport is sorted out).

I would like to thank our speakers, Nick Carroll, Selena Griffith, Peter Mayman, Will Tuck, Peter Middleton and our MC Michael Peschardt.

View some of the speeches as they summarise the various concerns of the communities;

Michael Peschardt

Selena Griffiths

Peter Middleton


Site Investigation Works by Transport NSW 13th November to 27th November

Brochure #1   Brochure #2



Update 9th October 2017 – Transport NSW outline their current preferred option a Roundabout at the corner Neptune & Barrenjoey Roads

All Newport residents should receive the latest B-Line update brochure due to be delivered by post on Tuesday 10th October 2017 which outlines there current preferred option. We attach a copy if you have not received it (Transport NSW Newport B-Line Update Brochure).

Independent plan of the Roundabout from a member (Roundabout)

The NRA also met with Transport NSW on Monday 9th October and we summarise the outcomes of that meeting as follows;


Tsp NSW unveiled their latest preferred option which is to install a large roundabout at the corner of Neptune Road & Barrenjoey Road. They admitted there is a long way to go before they know whether it will work, including traffic studies, impacts on the communities north of Newport, engineering (though they believe they can fit a round-about in) etc. When asked if they were unable to overcome those issues and could not proceed with the roundabout they said they will just have to find another option at Newport. They say they have been told to bring the B-Line to Newport and get it to work. No final decision is expected until after Easter.

 Roundabout comments

  • Are they aware of the current opposition by communities north of Newport to creating another a ‘choke point’ by the installation of the roundabout? there response was they are yet to consult with those communities.
  • A minimum diameter roundabout, as shown, does not seem to fit without either a substantial encroachment into the Northern corner private property on Neptune, or a projection into the carpark.
  • There have been no traffic studies regarding the Roundabout
  • If the roundabout concept is adopted it would seem logical they consider feeding the entrance and/or exit to the carpark into the roundabout. What further impact would that bring?
  • It seems highly unlikely that all Norfolks would be preserved as shown.  Generally we feel that at least two Norfolk pines would have to go and one of our member’s suggests 5 large and 1 small could be lost due excavation impacts on the root systems. Transport NSW comment these matters are yet to be resolved.

Walkway issues

  • The 2.4 metre Walkway shown following the Eastern perimeter of the roundabout would further encroach on the carpark. Safety barriers would be additional.
  • To safely accommodate the 2.4 m Walkway it seems possible that it could be relocated to the Eastern side of the Carpark , encroaching on existing parking spaces and possible deletion of the centre parking spaces

Commuter Car Park

  • NSW say there will be no dedicated commuter carpark at the surf club (one of the reasons they say that is for it to meet the carpark safety guidelines they would have to lose too many existing car spots).
  • When asked how the car park would work for commuters and whether the opal card would be used as a parking right as per the new car parks south of Newport, we were unable to get a satisfactory answer, they just reiterated the spin statement ‘we have listened to community concerns and there will be no commuter car park’.

Other comments

  • Discussions re adequacy of toilets for drivers (including distance thereto) they say they have no desire to build new ones but they are yet to have discussions with the Bus Union.
  • Tree trimming on Barrenjoey Road  – side and centre, answer – ‘unresolved’
  • What traffic studies have been done re entering and leaving the Surf Club car park? answer  ‘none’.
  • The impact on the walkway and Norfolk Island Pines of relocating the existing east side beach bus stop and shelter 10 metres further south has not been resolved.

Transport NSW Drop-In Sessions

  • Newport Surf Club Saturday 21st October 12 – 2 pm
  • Outside ‘Coles’ Cnr Barrenjoey & Coles Pde Thursday 26th October 4 – 6 pm
  • Newport Surf Club Tuesday 31st October 4 – 7 pm

Please ‘drop-in’ and ask the difficult questions to understand exactly what they are proposing


Alternate views on what the size of the Neptune & Barrenjoey Rd Roundabout would look like (Independent drawing). This plan has been prepared by an independent engineer. Also at the recent drop-in session on Sat 21st October one of the Transport NSW engineers indicated the minimum diameter for a roundabout would be 25-30 metres, and via a contractor for Transport NSW the we were advised that it would be 30 m diameter.


NEW TIMETABLES ANNOUNCEDClick on Service Proposals



Update 8th September 2017 – B-Line extension to Newport to be deferred until 2018

In a press statement just released the B-Line will now commence in Mona Vale in November this year (2017) but the extension to Newport will be deferred until after consultation with the community following communication of the  B-Line preferred option for terminating busses at Newport.

  • There will be additional capacity provided in the interim (after the 187/E & L87 services cease) with additional E88 services operating so there will be a bus every 10 minutes during the peak.
  • the 199 Palm Beach to Manly will commence as the B-Line starts in November (and will include articulated busses).
  • The Newport Loop will lose its through City services from the November start.

Press Release with all details


Our letter to the Minister of Transport Hon Andrew Constance

Letter of Reply from the Minister



The NRA monthly meeting held on Tuesday 20th June was expanded to include the Executives of both the Newport Surf Club and the Newport Chamber of Commerce and any other members of those organisations plus any other resident of Newport that our members could contact. The meeting room was packed to overflowing, standing room only and heard addresses from each of the three organisations followed by an open forum for the residents to comment.

At the conclusion of the meeting a resolution from the floor was passed with only three abstentions

That this meeting resolves that no B-Line service is extended to terminate in the village of Newport and that it be terminated at the town centre of Mona Vale which is at the junction of major roads to and from Pittwater.

Furthermore, this decision is to be conveyed to all pertinent Members of Parliament, department heads and Council executives who are involved in B-Line terminus decisions and it is to be supported by the reasons for this community’s requirement for this action.

A copy of the letter sent to Hon Rob Stokes, the Administrator of NBC Dick Persson and other politicians can be read by clicking on the following (B-Line meeting outcome)

Have a look at the  following video which summarises our concerns 

NEWPORT VILLAGE: a B-Line to Disaster?       https://youtu.be/GIux8hLhaRM



June 2017 – the Sate Government has just announced they plan to extend the B-Line service to Newport (previously it was to be between Mona Vale & the City). This announcement was despite the fact the Newport Residents Association had made a submission against the extension based on the undesirability of either running the B-Line through the residential streets of Newport (Seaview/Ocean and or Foamcrest to Neptune and back onto Barrenjoey) or destroying the Surf Club carpark to allow the turning around of the buses). We have requested through the offices of Rob Stokes to ensure that Transport NSW consults with the NRA re what they propose at the surf club carpark.

The proposed new and changed services between Palm Beach and the City and Manly are as follows – (click on the link)



The B-Line service

The B-Line service is scheduled to start operating in late 2017 and will provide more frequent and reliable services for customers travelling between the Northern Beaches and the Sydney CBD.

You can find out more about this project at:  http://b-line.transport.nsw.gov.au

There is also a plan for Narrabeen as well – an update from March 2016 is available here

Mona Vale Commuter Car Park

At Mona Vale, TfNSW plans to deliver new northbound and southbound bus interchanges on Barrenjoey Road, a commuter car park with around 150 commuter car parking spaces on the Eastern side of Barrenjoey Road, plus funding to Northern Beaches Council of $2.5 million for future investment in car parking in Mona Vale as part of the Mona Vale Place Plan.

The proposal for Mona Vale consists of both short-term and medium-term car parking developments.
In the short term TfNSW propose to add additional spaces to Beeby Park Car Park, whilst retaining the major tree stand, to provide 150 commuter car parking spaces. This land is owned by the NSW Government (Crown Lands – DPI).

For the medium term, TfNSW will provide funding to Northern Beaches Council of $2.5million this financial year as an off-set for the conversion of the 77 car spaces that currently exist at the Beeby car park to commuter car parking, so that Council can provide additional parking in Mona Vale as part of the Mona Vale Place Plan.

The construction of additional spaces in Beeby Park Car Park will require a relocation of the existing Scouts, Guides and Tennis Clubs currently in Kitchener Park. TfNSW advised discussions between Scouts, Guides and the Tennis Club have reviewed various relocation positions with the preferred location to remain in Kitchener Park through redevelopment of the existing Tennis Club into a two-story building on the northern side of the tennis courts. TfNSW will arrange this re-location (including relocation costs) with support from council as appropriate.

The report states there would be no impact on the Golf Course or the existing playing fields.

TFNSW is also to deliver the following road scope items to support the Mona Vale Commuter Car Park and B-Line stops:
o New left turn slip lane on the northern approach to the intersection with Golf Avenue on Barrenjoey Road;
o Extend northbound right turn bay on Barrenjoey Road into Golf Avenue;
o Realignment of the left turn bay existing from Pittwater Road on to Barrenjoey Road to facilitate the relocation of the northbound Mona Vale B-Line stop to just north of this left turn bay; and
o Indented bus bays for southbound Mona Vale B-Line stop.

Pittwater On-Line News has a good detailed summary of the proposal just click on the following link –




Re Proposal for extending the B-Line bus service to Newport

The Newport Residents Association at its monthly meeting held  on Tuesday 21st June 2016 considered the above proposal based on the information it had deduced from various reports and from discussions with the office of the Hon Rob Stokes and resolved to write to the council and Mr Stokes outlining the NRA concerns as follows;

The meeting unanimously voted to reject this proposal for the following reasons;

  • The impact on the residential streets to allow the volume of busses (which we understand are to run every 10 minutes at the peak times) to be able to turn around to make the southern journey.
  • Should the busses instead of using the residential streets use a modified surf club car park to turn we believe the permanent impact on the surf club car park for access and egress could not be justified.
  • Any egress from the surf club car park, if it was to be considered, would need to be at the northern end which would make it too close to the single lane portion and bends coming down the hill from Avalon on Barrenjoey Road.
  • The potential impact of a dedicated bus lane to the Barrenjoey road businesses would be catastrophic and also potentially have an impact on village life.
  • The current street scape of Barrenjoey Road in the village area has been extremely well upgraded to fit in with the Pittwater Connected Village ideals and it would need to be potentially destroyed to make way for permanent bus lanes.

In summary the members of the Newport Residents Association are unaware of where the push to extend the B-Line service to Newport is coming from and do not believe there has been any consultation on the benefits or otherwise of this proposal with the residents of Newport.

You may peruse the NRA submission under Documents/submissions from the Menu Bar


Meeting with State member Rob Stokes

B-Line Meeting 29/8/2016

Representatives from the Clareville and Bilgola Plateau Residents Association, The Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association, Avalon Preservation Association and the Newport Residents Association met with The Hon Rob Stokes on 29th August to discuss the delivery of the B-Line service. The discussion paper Suggested B-Line Bus Route Links North of Mona Vale provided an introduction for the discussion that included: the importance of maintaining and improving the existing express and limited stop services north of Mona Vale, transfers, improvement of links, routes and schedules, concern regarding the impacts of extension of the B-Line service north of Mona Vale.

The B-Line is planned to terminate at Wynyard. From the 5th September, 2016 a transfer discount for changing modes on public transport will apply to Opal charges.

There is to be an improved bus service to Manly Wharf.

The option for commuter parking in Mona Vale, by increasing the parking capacity in Beeby Park and the associated impact on the existing buildings in Kitchener Park, is no longer under consideration by Transport for NSW.

The provision of infrastructure and improved public transport has the potential to increase development. The draft Mona Vale Place Plan (not yet on exhibition, includes heights of 6 storeys in parts of Mona Vale town centre).

The implementation of the B-Line must result in an improved the public transport service for the community. A further meeting with representatives of Transport for NSW is to be arranged.


A good letter in Manly Daily 3rd September 2017 from D Taylor sums up the Newport position

‘Tell us more, Rob

PITTWATER MP Rob Stokes complains that misinformation is being spread by people concerning the B-Line, particularly in relation to Newport (MD, Sept 2).

If Mr Stokes wants informed feedback he should be specific about the terminus location, construction plans and traffic routes.

He should publish an impact analysis of a Newport terminus addressing such concerns as potential traffic hazards and projected traffic delays on Barrenjoey Rd resulting from 100 buses turning across Barrenjoey Rd each day with a concentration during peak periods, the capacity of the Newport Beach carpark to accommodate commuter parking and recreational beach users and the spill-over impact on shopper parking in Newport streets along Barrenjoey Rd.

(This should include) the impact on the amenity and village ambience of the construction required for a terminus, the attraction of the terminus to hooligans inevitably drawn to commuter hubs and the likely resulting increase in public nuisance and petty crime.

He should review Mona Vale bus depot for the terminus, given the opportunity of this option to absorb the terminus into a commercial development with little negative impact on the town or its residents.”

David Taylor, Newport